FARMHOUSE FRESH MASSAGES Amanda Holtzinger Massage & Facials

FARMHOUSE FRESH MASSAGES | Amanda Holtzinger Massage & Facials

75 minutes for $95          90 minutes for $110


Your skin is smoothed to perfection with a natural citrus shea butter polish that creates a creamy, whipped, skin softening and nourishing exfoliation. A rich, long massage with lemon and tangerine-infused shea body butter completes this completely dreamy treatment.


A sweet-cinammon scent fills the room, as you soak in Red Hot Sparkling bath oil – a rich blend of hydrating oils including olive fruit and grapeseed, with a hint of fresh cinnamon notes. Next, an invigorating sea salt exfoliation with silky rice bran oil and a soft, sweet cream scent.  Once your skin is polished and smoothed, enjoy a white velvet buttercream-scented whipped shea butter massage with Whoopie! Cream. Ahhh…fresh-baked enjoyment – zero calories!


Rich, creamy coconut milk softens and hydrates skin as you soak in moisturizing blend that includes sweet almond oil and skin-softening chicory root. Next, a creamy caramel whipped coffee polish brings a deliciously smooth exfoliation. A thick, rich whipped shea butter massage leaves notes of tropical fruit punch – a juiciness that lingers long after you’ve left the spa!


Soak in a steaming linen wrap infused with butter brulee whole milk, chicory root and sweet almond oil. Next, enjoy a limbering full body massage using Red Hot Sparkling Oil, an antioxidant rich sweet-cinnamon scented olive fruit and grapeseed oil. When finished, you’ll step out and melt the snow.